Take Flight.

Like a baby bird taking a leap from a 100ft seaside cliff, your foray into aerial drone services is a leap that will allow your business to take flight.

You study your competition, you observe their meek and bland marketing efforts – that’s not you. You’re here to create a powerful divide your customers will voraciously flock to.  Just In Drone View offers aerial photographic stills that will undoubtfully inspire, or take your viewers on a next-level immersive journey with aerial videography — giving your audience that “pilots view” of your business.

Professional aerial & video drone services.

Aerial Photography

There’s technique behind framing a good shot, selecting the right angle, and panning across a scene as you whiz along overhead.


My name is Justin Sharpe and I am a trained Commercial Drone Pilot. I have worked throughout the United States helping major corporations identify pitfalls in their geo-infastructure, for successful remote evaluations. I operate full time through Just In Drone View. I have a great passion for unmanned aerial vehicles (“drone’s”) and its vibrant marketplace.  If you’re considering drone work for your business or even personal venture, I would love to learn more about it.

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Senior Commercial Drone Pilot